Best Course of Action for Small Floods

Small floods are a nuisance for homeowners. However, if left untreated can lead to bigger issues like mould and structural damage. Instinctively owners will turn to their insurance companies to cover the cost which may not be the best choice. Small floods when caught early and addressed promptly may cost less than your insurance deductible to fix independently, and by doing so will not affect your insurance premiums.

Here are some small steps homeowners can take to help determine if it is necessary to go through their insurance company when experiencing a minor flooding.

Step 1. Take Pictures

In the event the flood repairs needs to be escalated to the insurance company, pictures documenting the initial damage and list any affected items will be important for processing your claim.

Step 2. Call a Restoration Company

Call a reputable restoration company to clean up and dry out the property. When caught early enough and treated correctly flood damage can be minimal.

Step 3. Repairs Estimate

Get an estimate for the repairs. A reputable restoration company will be able to supply a quote easily. Ensure that whomever is used bill per xactimate standard pricing which is the industry standard, so you know that the pricing will be fair and you wont be overcharged.

Step 4. Access and Contact Insurance

Once the actual cost of the damages and actual cost of loss is determined call the insurance company. An insurance broker will be able to help you determine if the overall cost is less or more than your deductible and it will be determined if filing a claim is the best course of action.