Things Homeowners Neglect When Cleaning Up After a Fire

Cleaning up residual smoke and soot after a fire isn’t as simple as opening a few windows, or fresh coat of paint. When fires occur not everything burns cleanly. The result is smoke and soot, both of which contain chemicals that may lead to serious health concerns.

We sat down with Bruce Copoc of Restoration 1 Canada, a top ranked restoration company to talk about some of the items homeowners neglect when cleaning up after a home fire.

‘The initial stabilisation of the effected area is important’ Copoc says ‘It is imperative to preserve and document the cause of the fire. This will help the fire department with their investigation and the insurance company with your claim.’ After a recent kitchen fire, Restoration 1 Canada aided the homeowner by documenting the damages and providing the insurance company with this documentation so the claim could be processed.

Smoke and soot get carried by air currents and have a habit of working their way into unseen places. ‘Homeowners often neglect cleaning out their HVAC after a fire.’ Copoc notes ‘Because the damage isn’t easily seen its often overlooked and left untreated.’ As a result, the air quality in the home is compromised, which can lead to health issues.

‘Its always best when dealing with fire restoration to hire a reputable restoration company. You will have the assurance that your home is being treated properly and you have someone to work with your insurance company on your behalf’ Websites like will provide you with the highest consumer rated restoration companies in your area.